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Friday, August 13, 2010

( @ 10:42 pm dancing )

its 2010 now.. n i came back to this blog.. n i read my stuffs from 2003.. haha!
Aper jer aku mepek tau dulu..
There's post where im so angry bout someone.. But i really cant remmber who.. ahaha...!
Am i the one who frgive n frgt.. ker cnt be bothered n just frget.. haha!
7 yrs ago.. aper jer lah kan.. things chnge... things happen.. :)*~Farhaanah*~dancing in the moonlight

Sunday, August 09, 2009

( @ 3:40 pm dancing )

HAPPY 5th yr Anniversary!! to my dearest Khidir Yusof..
Theres just too much to say..
lots of challenges we'd gone through btwn this yrs..and yet..we still made it
this far...
Love you so much....:)

Rossa feat. Pasha Ungu – Terlanjur Cinta

waktu bergulir lambat
merantai langkah perjalanan kita
berjuta cerita terukir dalam
menjadi sebuah dilema
mengertikah engkau
perasaanku tak terhapuskan

malam menangis
tetes embun membasahi mata hatiku
mencoba bertahan di atas puing-puing
cinta yang tlah rapuh

apa yang ku genggam
tak mudah untuk aku lepaskan

aku terlanjur cinta kepadamu
dan tlah kuberikan seluruh hatiku
tapi mengapa baru kini kau pertanyakan cintaku

aku pun tak mengerti yang terjadi
apa salah dan kurang ku padamu
kini terlambat sudah untuk dipersalahkan
karna sekali cinta, aku tetap cinta*~Farhaanah*~dancing in the moonlight

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

( @ 1:23 am dancing ) update lagi...
tapi ni random...

just feel like posting occasion we were looking at each other's ic..
ya different kan...
satu minah an due budak kental..hahahah...

n how we wish at that point of time we're like this..hahaha...(in order)

tu jer..lame kan..tahu..

Well...pple change..sumtimes for the better..or sumtimes bad.. ;)*~Farhaanah*~dancing in the moonlight

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

( @ 1:36 pm dancing )

Hey Hey...

Got back from Malacca for PESTA GENDANG NUSANTARA a week a ago.. was there for about 8 days..
Well..great experience.. Met international dancers.. mingle with them..n now we have international frnds on facebook..!

I wont be uploading pictures for this post as im at work now. So that wud b on the next lah eh..wen i finish grabbing..
at the moment just thoughts to tell..
Well ader hikmah lah agaknyer this festival..

Pasal festival ni lah..our damn close wth each other..because we are away so they share their time n stories n including problem.. They say the got even more closer as they thought they are in the same shoes somehow..kwangz!!
gals pun kiter close pun pasal kiter mcm same shoes jugak! haha.. k sorry!! bleargh~~
klah some how gd lah tht they gt wen we have pratices they cn bother each other n meet while waiting for us..hahaah
n gd coz kiter leh kluar same2 for trips n all..they are gd bfs n fun pple to b wth.. supporting us n so on..
ya we love all of u! we mean it seriously!
N my bf said.."they are the precious pple i treasure..~!"
im really glad my bf found this pple..who could understnd him..

n i pity my lil bro BOB (walaupun suara die besar n die besar tetap nk panggil lil..hehe.). He said bad n sad things happen after the trip..he's close uncle passed away.. n he has to end his relationship.. Well come on r still young..slowly theres more for u out there.. *smile* (aceh way) joke!

Btw, our performance there is ok..the boys make PAPA n KPOW proud bt nt the gals.. We are cn b bttr..
like wat kpw said.."we are ok bt we cn do bttr"
i dunno..wats lack in us..i guess like wat papa said ..being "1"..
bt as a performer n beign one of them..i think we actually did try to do our best tht maybe..there was some gliches here n there which we cnt cntrl.. for me..i dunno wats wrong with me..i think ive lost my skill..even my bf say.."how come wen i c u dance its nt like u always did..nt like urself..?"..Hmm.. maybe?? i lost my gracefulness, charisma..skills n so on..nt tht i have full 10/10 skills last time though..lum full mark pun dah lost again..
I can c it myself..i have problem remembering my steps..fumble at times.. during show..blnk tiba2..wat happen eh?? i dunt knw..i loose my focus? taking things likely..i dnt think so..entah theres juz something wrng..
the mentors said tht coz in the first place we dnt practise to smile..take things for granted..
hmm maybe my personal opinion is.. we concentrate too much to get the step first..n so the execution was almst frgotten.. as for me.. i dnt like it wen pple have learned n then i have to follow to catch up..n then different pple teach me the different techniques..thts y i prefer to learn frm the strt n slowly..taklah too slow..entah lah eh..
i think i ahve to discover where i lost the pick them up smewhere..

well for now..gtg...will update with pics k..

***LOST*****~Farhaanah*~dancing in the moonlight

Thursday, April 09, 2009

( @ 12:42 pm dancing )

And in the matter of time..I'll be off again for a dance festival in Malacca..
So whoever feel lik driving for just 3 hrs away from Singapore..come and support us..
We are representing the country ok!

Sorry havent got the time to update with pictures n so on..mcm2 lah kan..mayb wen i gt time k..
all thse events and overseas trip as well..

Well just to say it has been ups n dwn recently.. And i realise who are the true friends i have no matter how near or far they are..
Bt then the same time i dunno who can i trust too..hmm.. have my suspects thou..heehee..

k then dnt wana talk much bout that..

So ya! MALACCA~!
wish me luck!! and yes we are super exhausted seh!! dunno y this practise mcm lagi penat dari China yg actually 1 n half hr show..yg ni tk lah bergitu lamer..

miss everyone..yes i mean in everyone!!*~Farhaanah*~dancing in the moonlight

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

( @ 1:39 pm dancing )

I juz love this song. no matter wat pple say.
I just felt its nice n although pple say he cant sing dgn suara sengau..
I felt this song is juz sincere from his heart when he sang.

Dan ini takder kene mengene dgn yg hidup atau yg mati..
thnk you.

Camelia - IRWAN SYAH

Camelia maafkanlah aku
Karena ku tak bisa temani tidurmu
Camelia lupakanlah aku
Jangan pernah lagi kau temui aku

Kau wanita terhebat
Yang pernah singgah di hatiku
Kau wanita yang tegar
Aku mohon lupakan aku

Sudahlah jangan menangis lagi
Ku rasa cukup sampai di sini
Mungkin di suatu saat nanti
Kau temui cinta yang sejati

Sudah cepat lupakanlah aku
Jangan pernah ungkit masa lalu
Ku takut kekasihku pun tahu
Kau pernah menjadi simpananku


Kau wanita terhebat
Yang pernah singgah di hatiku*~Farhaanah*~dancing in the moonlight

Friday, March 27, 2009

( @ 11:25 am dancing )

Testing2..i juz discovered that i can update my blog by emailing..
maklumlah kat kerje takleh masuk blogger..banking ni smua blog!
last update 18th Jan..haha.. k maybe tis service wil make me update my blogs regurlarly from work.
hehee..:p*~Farhaanah*~dancing in the moonlight